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How we Support Play

At ACE we follow and support the playwork principles. This framework is designed so children get the most out of their games, and us as practitioners, make sure we are capable in assisting children while in the throes of play. They are as follows..

Supporting Rough and Tumble Play

All children play through different ways. (Please see link at bottom of page for a great booklet explaining the different play types.) At ACE we understand that rough and tumble play is a natural part of children’s learning and should be supported as opposed to being taken away. Through this type of play children can gain an understanding of boundaries they, and others have, gain compassion, and understanding of other’s feelings and their own, as well as self-control, being able to recognise when things may get out of hand and stopping.

At ACE Club, we never expect or plan for this type of plan, but understand it’s an important part of children’s development and well-being, supporting in a safe and constructive manner.

When children want to engage in this type of play, it is harder to try and stop it, then it is to let children participate in it. Without the ability to experience rough and tumble, it is more likely children will practice this when there are no adults around to stop them and with little understanding of how to do it safely. (e.g: parks) This therefore creates a potentially dangerous situation. This is why, when children show a preference for this type of play at ACE, we as playworkers are all trained in how to deal, support and guide it, so it stays safe and fun.

We have 3 main rules we stick to when dealing with this play, these are..

Usually, we see these games carried out through strength testing games (e.g: arm wrestling or tug of war styles games) Whereby the children’s purpose is to see who is strongest. But it is also through simpler games, like tackling in football or chasing games such as superheroes or cops and robbers.

It is important to note that we will never let the children do anything that may intentionally hurt, involve physical fighting or be potentially dangerous to them!